My Fishing World

My Fishing World

By TabOne

My Fishing WorldMy Fishing WorldMy Fishing WorldMy Fishing WorldMy Fishing World

- Realistic places with energetic graphics

- Well-designed visual effects

- Change of time of day and climate conditions

- Intuitive game interface

- Thoughtful gameplay won't let you get bored

- Online chat for communication with fishermen

- A huge selection of fishing tackle of different types and purposes

- The most stunning locations all over the world can be found for you

- A large variety of freshwater and tropical fish

- You can catch uncommon and really useful monsters.

- A variety of kinds of tasks for bonuses (daily, collections, epic)

- An album to retailer all your trophies and consider detailed information about where, when and what he was caught

- Real details about all of the fish within the game

- Leaderboard to struggle for first places in the tops

- You can play without the Internet

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