A-GPS Tracker

A-GPS Tracker


A-GPS TrackerA-GPS TrackerA-GPS TrackerA-GPS TrackerA-GPS Tracker

This is an outside Tracker using the A-GPS capabilities of your phone. If activated it might record your monitor even when the telephone goes to stand-by.

It is designed particularly for hikers that want to record a model new path or need to observe an existing track and, extra importantly, want to avoid shedding themselves throughout their return means.


- Elevation is given relative to mean sea degree ( notice that the majority android programs don't do this)

- Your Latitude and Longitude coordinates are given in levels and in UTM-WSG84 (published in paper maps)

- A monitor is stored in a GPX file. It could be recorded, stored or loaded to/from reminiscence and shared with different folks. Its Elevation vs Distance profile may be shown on the display.

- Statistics of a loaded GPX observe will embody the online stroll time, ascent and descent altitude.

- A follow path monitor operate can be enabled to supply an alarm in case you are leaving a loaded GPX path.

It is important to understand that this App is sweet to trace your path but if you wish to measure a walked distance the accuracy just isn't so good. A distance is measured because the sum of distances among the points acquired each 3sec or 5meters, but GPS accuracy is about 10/20meters, if the trail is casual( not like a automotive that follows a road) the final result can’t be very accurate. Errors up to 15% within the measurement of distances are regular.

Errors are decided by several components. The most essential are:

- quality of acquired satellite indicators, that's poor is the sky is clouded,

- configuration/relative place of satellites that's constantly altering,

- reflections of the signals on large surfaces like partitions,buildings, and so on.

These are the the reason why GPS might get poor position coordinates when GPS indicators are weakened by meteorological conditions and particularly in urban areas, when satellite tv for pc alerts are received from a multi-path propagation because of reflections on buildings.


GPS is used right here as a generic term and refers back to the capability to obtain place knowledge from alerts received from satellites. Modern phones can acquire position knowledge from a couple of satellite system, i.e. not solely the american GPS but also GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo. A-GPS Tracker will obtain data from all the available satellite tv for pc navigation methods. In addition A-GPS (Assisted GPS) additionally uses ground sources like cell tower data and WiFi, which will enhance quality and precision when in poor satellite signal circumstances and in particular will help to cut back time to start out fixing initial place. GPS will be the supply of the more correct position: Latitude, Longitude and Altitude. Note that for hikers Altitude it's of explicit significance and can be given solely by GPS.

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