6-4-3 Baseball Scorecard

6-4-3 Baseball Scorecard

By Ryan Blume

6-4-3 Baseball Scorecard6-4-3 Baseball Scorecard6-4-3 Baseball Scorecard6-4-3 Baseball Scorecard6-4-3 Baseball Scorecard6-4-3 Baseball Scorecard6-4-3 Baseball Scorecard

Whether you are a fan who cannot imagine going to the park without your scorebook or a coach seeking to compile your group's stats, 6-4-3 is the right software. Staying true to the paper-and-pencil feel of a real scorecard, scoring baseball and softball video games is enjoyable and easy. 6-4-3 makes use of the traditional scorekeeping conventions you are already acquainted with that can help you produce legible, shareable scoresheets in addition to superior statistical analysis of your team's tendencies.

-Perfect For the Fan-

Scorekeeping is an artwork. There's a beautiful simplicity a few 9x9 grid of diamonds. Now with 6-4-3, you'll have the ability to hold the custom with the look and feel of a paper-and-pencil scorecard with the comfort of a scorebook that fits in your pocket.

Why should you want to learn an entire new scoring system? Some scoring apps wish to interview you about each play. With 6-4-3, although, you simply jot down what happened identical to you'd in your scoresheet. Use your finger to attract a line from residence to first to second, and 6-4-3 records a double.

Scoring professional video games at the park or at home? 6-4-3 gives you entry to import up-to-date rosters of all 30 groups for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Just drop players into the lineup without having to sort of their names and numbers.

And when the game is over, 6-4-3 is not carried out. You've got a beautiful, legible, and completely kept scoresheet as a memento of the sport. Show it off by posting your scoresheet on to Facebook, e-mail it to your folks, or take it house to print it out.

-Perfect For the Coach-

Of course 6-4-3 will generate scoresheets for the official record of your game, but there's so much more it will do! You or your scorekeeper may spend hours sifting through scoresheets, compiling your players' stats, however with 6-4-3, when the sport is over, all your stats are compiled for you in seconds. And we're not simply speaking about your basic hits, runs, and RBIs. 6-4-3 will also offer you superior sabermetric stats like:

* BABIP (Batting Average on Balls In Play)

* RC (Runs Created)

* OPS (OBP Plus Slugging)

* ISO (Isolated Power)

* WHIP (Walks Hits per Inning Pitched)

* FIP (Fielding-Independent Pitching)

* wOBA (Weighted On-Base Average)

* dERA (Defense-Independent ERA)

* And more!

6-4-3 does not cease at stats, though. Let's discuss spray charts that can be filtered by the kind of contact the hitter made and whether the ball went for an out or a success. See your players' tendencies so you presumably can coach them higher, and see your opponents' tendencies so you probably can modify. And it all matches within the palm of your hand, completely easy to make use of even when you're within the third-base coach's box!

Got mother and father who can't make the game? 6-4-3 can ship a play-by-play description of the game to Twitter so your followers (or your players' fans!) can still follow the game.

-Perfect For You-

Whether you're a coach or a fan, 6-4-3 is designed to be the last word scorekeeping tool. If you'll be able to keep rating on a scorecard, you already know every thing you have to to attain with 6-4-3.

Always be happy to contact me with questions our if you run into issues as I am all the time happy to assist. If you see a review that is less than 4 stars, it is as a outcome of they didn't contact me for help. I want every buyer satisfied!

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