XOSS-Extreme Outdoor Sports Science

XOSS-Extreme Outdoor Sports Science


XOSS-Extreme Outdoor Sports ScienceXOSS-Extreme Outdoor Sports ScienceXOSS-Extreme Outdoor Sports ScienceXOSS-Extreme Outdoor Sports Science

XOSS is an ALL IN ONE software specialised in Cycling and different out of doors sports.

With XOSS you are in a place to do:

- Data syncing from verified bike computer systems. Including: XOSS, CooSpo, C YCPLUS, etc..

- Workouts recording with all the data you need free of charge: Speed, Cadence, Power, Heart-rate, Elevation, Calories, Distance, Time, and so forth..

- Advanced data analyzing with charts and graphics. GPS observe on map, Elevation, Speed, Cadence, Heartrate Charts, Training zone analysis(Heart rate, Power), and rather more is coming!

- Sync with different apps like STRAVA,TRAININGPEAKS.

- Route planning earlier than your journey.

More info is out there at https://www.xoss.co

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