Taekwondo Forms (Sponsored)

Taekwondo Forms (Sponsored)

By couch dev

Taekwondo Forms (Sponsored)Taekwondo Forms (Sponsored)Taekwondo Forms (Sponsored)Taekwondo Forms (Sponsored)Taekwondo Forms (Sponsored)

This app accommodates animated movies of Taekwondo patterns (also referred to as Hyong, Poomse, hyeong, pumsae, or teul):

• 25 WTF patterns (Taegeuk, Palgwae and Black Belt patterns)

• 24 ITF patterns

• Each type can be seen from 4 totally different directions*

• Brief description of every form

• Description of each move for every form

• Android M: The playback velocity of the video could be changed*

• Select one or more motions to play them in a loop*

• Switch between english and korean phrases in the movement descriptions*

• english/korean dictionary

* restricted to the primary WTF kind in this free version

If you want this app please support us by buying the ad-free version with full features.

For information about this app observe us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TaekwondoForms

Some notes: The app comes bundled with Taegeuk Il Jang, all different types can be downloaded at no cost from throughout the app. To change the video perspective simply faucet on the left/right/top/bottom edge space of the video. By tapping the center of the video you presumably can show/hide the video controls.

The paid version of this app offers the following additional options:

• No advertisements

• Videos for all patterns from 4 sides

• The video controls may be set to always visible

• The video can be set to cease automatically after every motion

• Tap the camera icons on the Motions tab to jump to the movement's position in the video

• Android M: Playback speed can be modified for all forms

• Loop playback for all patterns

• Korean phrases for all patterns

• Full dictionary with english/korean time period translations (with 210 translations)

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