SkiApp LITE - THE Ski Computer

SkiApp LITE - THE Ski Computer

By eriegel

SkiApp LITE - THE Ski ComputerSkiApp LITE - THE Ski ComputerSkiApp LITE - THE Ski ComputerSkiApp LITE - THE Ski ComputerSkiApp LITE - THE Ski Computer

SkiApp permits you to observe and analyze your skiing or snowboarding performance utilizing your Android smartphone!

Receiving the GPS signal the SkiApp captures your actions and analyzes them offline utilizing the computational power of your smartphone. This means your snowboarding stage is separated into tracks of following varieties: Downhill, lift, stroll and hold.

These tracks are used to maintain up detailed statistics for every stage. Particularly the statistics comprise following parts:

1. Downhill, raise and stroll distance,

2. Summed height for downhill and lift tracks,

3. Average speed,

4. Maximal speed,

5. and a lot of, many more!

Moreover there may be detailed info out there about each observe. It even lets you graphically show and analyze every track in deep immediately on the smartphone.

In comparison to other Ski-Tracker apps the SkiApp offers far more:

1. For the computation of the speed and distance it also considers the vertical motion. Other Apps do solely provide the speed and distance within the horizontal aircraft which are both too low in a steep slope.

2. SkiApp is the one and only app able to separating your snowboarding day into informative tracks like downhill or lift. Lift tracks are recognized correctly for ascent and descent rides as nicely. Other Apps deal with the complete skiing day as one single observe deriving their poor statistics simply on the base of the ascent and descent height.

3. The SkiApp works very sparing. The evaluation is specifically optimized using the CPU and memory as little as potential.

4. SkiApp protects your privacy! The full analysis of actions is carried out fully on the smartphone. There is no registration required and the captured info isn't send over the internet at all! In contrast other Apps typically acquire to many pointless access rights during set up to gather information about you for functions not known to you. The SkiApp makes use of the Internet connection only to obtain the map.

5. SkiApp is prepared to announce the current pace utilizing voice capabilities of the smartphone. The announcement happens in brief intervals throughout a downhill run. When you may be riding a carry, walking around or waiting there isn't a announcement to keep away from worrying anybody. The voice announcement retains you well informed about your performance even during a downhill run. There isn't any different App with comparable Feature!

6. The PRO model of the SkiApp permits you to export the recorded knowledge in Google's KMZ file format to the USB storage of your smartphone. The KMZ file could also be used with Google Earth and Google Maps. Google Earth displays single tracks or complete phases in 3D permitting detailed analysis of your efficiency at your PC.

SkiApp LITE is at no cost and accommodates following limitations:

1. The element view isn't available for older tracks.

2. The velocity voice announcement is temporally limited.

3. Stage shopping is limited to the last one.

4. The statistics view is decreased.

5. Export of tracks and levels in KMZ format is disabled.

6. Backup creation isn't available.

Do not hesitate and take a look at SkiApp LITE to get an impression on the performance of this app. If you like the app please think about to by the PRO model. In relation to the prices of a day's ticked for the carry the price of SkiApp PRO is not more than a tip!

Because of the continuous utilization of the GPS signal the SkiApp increases the power consumption of your smartphone to round 6 to 10 % per hour. If there are other energetic GPS Apps in your smartphone the extra power consumption for the SkiApp is around 1 Percent per hour solely. To reduce the battery load it is suggested to disable the GPS performance during the lunch break.

ATTENTION: To activate and deactivate the GPS monitoring use the combined PAUSE/RECORD button positioned in the motion bar on the prime.

Have a lot of fun with the SkiApp! Please support the event by getting the SkiApp PRO!

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Thank you!

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