Gronda - For Chefs Foodies

Gronda - For Chefs Foodies

By Gronda GmbH

Gronda - For Chefs FoodiesGronda - For Chefs FoodiesGronda - For Chefs FoodiesGronda - For Chefs FoodiesGronda - For Chefs Foodies

**Most useful content platform for culinary professionals** — Disfrutar Chefs

**Unlimited amount of inspiration** — Superstar chef Ana Roš

Gronda brings the world’s culinary information into your pocket.

BECOME A WORLD-CLASS CHEF — Find distinctive recipes that may improve your cooking skills. Superstar cooks like Ana Roš, Disfrutar, Jan Hartwig and plenty of others are educating you exactly the steps to reach their culinary degree.

STORE YOUR RECIPES — Our creation device will allow you to to prepare and structure your recipes.

SHARE YOUR RECIPES — You can determine if you would like to maintain your recipes non-public or share them with the group. Become a part of the most important culinary information hub in the world.

COUNTLESS CULINARY INSPIRATION — Access save greater than 200.000 creations recipes in the following matters:

* Sauces, gels oils

* Chips Cracker

* Cakes Pastry

* Vegan Vegetarian

* Sea food

* Pasta

* Meat

* Desserts

* Cocktails Drinks

* Soups

* Rice

* Wine Champagne

* Ice cream sorbets

* Bread

* Coffee

GRONDA PRO — As a PRO person it is feasible for you to to entry more than 500 exclusive PRO creations and watch our unique Masterclasses. Your profile will stand out with a cool PRO badge and you will be able to put in writing personal messages to different users.

**More than 25.000 cooks upgraded already to Gronda PRO

FIND YOUR CULINARY DREAM JOB — If you are open for job provides, the best hotels restaurants on the planet will actively get in contact with you — not the other means round. You can directly chat with them on Gronda.

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