professional decorator

professional decorator


professional decoratorprofessional decoratorprofessional decoratorprofessional decoratorprofessional decorator

Professional Decorator, is an utility for adorning Arabic and English texts in distinctive shapes.

The forms of using ornamental texts differ, for instance, they can be used in chat packages corresponding to Facebook, WhatsApp and other written chat programs or to write down publications on Facebook and Twitter in a method Distinguished and different from everybody, or use them in text messages corresponding to congratulatory messages, etc.

The skilled decorated software in its new model incorporates many advantages that aren't found in other applications:

1 - Professional keyboard for ornamental writing with out the necessity for the appliance (recently added)

p>2 - A massive variety of Arabic and English ornament sorts

3 - An interface for adorning names and nicknames

4 - An interface for decorating entire paragraphs

And many extra features inside The utility found it in the new version of the professional embosser.

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