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What is ThePetzApp?

ThePetzApp©, is a digital solution to the on a daily basis problems

of pet house owners. It was developed to enable you to handle the

day-to-day wants of your pet effortlessly.

Our user-friendly interface connects you to your dedicated

vet(s). This signifies that you can use ThePetzApp to schedule

appointments, view your pet’s medical historical past, as nicely as

receive reminders about upcoming visits to the vet,

examinations, or vaccines.

Apart from managing your pet’s healthcare, you can use our

platform to order your pet’s favourite meals, treats, toys and

other equipment your furry good friend loves.

ThePetzApp could be accessed solely by purchasing ThePetzKit

from your devoted vet.

What is included in ThePetzKit?

By purchasing ThePetzKit you get:

1. A Customer Card

The customer card features a unique

QR code at the back which you will find a way to use

to activate your ThePetzApp account.

This card, can be used at any vet to

grant them entry to add to your pet’s

medical history and records.

2. Pet Tag

This is connected onto your pet and

includes a unique QR code that is used

to determine your pet in instances of loss.

Important features:

Other features:

• My Vet (Info about your pet inc. opening times)

• Petz friendly areas (Known pet pleasant spaces)

• Pet harmful zones (Areas you should avoid)

The initial value contains all updates and further features that will

be added in later variations of ThePetzApp free of charge.

No subscriptions. No retaining fee. No further value.

The unique QR code discovered on your Petz Tag (included when

purchasing ThePetzKit) is one of our most necessary features

and is a super-fast method of identifying the owner of a pet in cases

of loss. This feature goals to exchange the very sluggish identification

method using the normal “chip” and return pets to their home


Here you'll be able to listing your pets and access all their details. These

include medical data, scheduled appointments to the vet or

grooming providers, as nicely as any upcoming vaccination needs.

This is a superb software to maintain yourself sane and organized.

My Pets

Treat time! Here you can see hundreds of choices in your buddy.

You will also find your Vet’s suggestions in your favorites so that

you can access them easily with out scrolling through all our

products! At this time, only ordering for choose up (from the Vet) is

available , nevertheless we're engaged on a supply system to make

your life easier!

Order Food

Lost Found Pet

Arrange appointments to the Vet with the touch of some buttons!

At this time, only requesting appointments is possible. This means

that Vets should approve the appointment earlier than it's ocially

scheduled. Our user-friendly interface lets you choose multiple

time slots on a particular day that suits you, so that you've more

chances of being accepted by the vet.

Request an Appointment

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