Pol #39;and #39;Rock

Pol #39;and #39;Rock

By Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy

Pol #39;and #39;RockPol #39;and #39;RockPol #39;and #39;Rock

Uncle Good Advice presents: Pol’And’Rock

Ten golden rules useful earlier than and during the occasion.

Written down, so everyone can have more fun.

Read, bear in mind, and repeat to your pricey associates.

1: Download the official Pol’And’Rock app.

2: You can see what, when, where, and on what scene.

3: You know everything: transportation, first help, well, every little thing.

4: You display the map of the pageant and also you look at it.

5: If you get lost, it's going to find you, and show you the greatest way to your tent.

6: Changes, updates, and all else is delivered to you immediately.

7: You have it because of WiFi, 3G, Edge, LTE.

8: No internet? Well, the app works either way, chill.

9: Without you we're not playing!

10: I stated 10, so here is the 10th one.

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