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If you have a query, there might be a solution.

Find the answer

Whether it is a downside encountered in work or research, or an issue confronted in leisure life, all questions can be found in Zhihu. Reliable solutions. Gathering probably the most serious knowledge sharers on the Chinese Internet, serious individuals are answering seriously.

On Zhihu, you probably can see:

Scientific in style science - Is there an enormous difference between 2 yuan of vitamin C and one hundred yuan of vitamin C?

Psychological and Emotional - What are some useful interpersonal tips?

Watch Hotspots

Hot event discussion gathering place, covering social events, movie and television variety exhibits, know-how and digital, video games and e-sports, training and workplaces and many other fields , see professional people, speak about new issues. On Zhihu, you can see:

Campus scorching dialogue - Which faculty admission letter stunned you?

Hot movie and television discussion - tips on how to consider the film Chinese Doctor?

Increase knowledge

Zhihu Salt selects members and punctiliously selects the content for you.

8000 Salt Selected Columns and Live Lectures

My Ten Years within the Criminal Police Brigade, Corrupt Officials on Death Penalty: A Prosecutor's Personal Investigation Records, Through the Smoke: I Am Documentary Photographer, First-line Doctor's Notes: Anecdote within the Clinic

300 home first-line magazines and publications are constantly updated

National Geographic, VOGUE Fashion and Beauty, An Di, China News Weekly, Popular Photography, etc.

More than 20,000 salt choice e-books

Fang Siqi's First Love Paradise, The Moon and Sixpence, Self-control, and so forth.

600 salt choice specialists read it

Zhou Guoping: What is the worth of loneliness to life, No matter how introverted you're, communication in the workplace is basically easy, Zeng Jia talks about McKinsey

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