Ship Tycoon

Ship Tycoon


Ship TycoonShip TycoonShip TycoonShip TycoonShip Tycoon

A new game present by TRADEGAME Lab following Air Tycoon - Ship Tycoon

Ship Tycoon is an authentic online multiplayer business simulation game which handle a delivery company.

With varied users gathered from all around the world, we are going to run a administration competition aiming at the most effective transport firm on the earth.

When you first begin your sport, your company begins with a tiny bulk ship, but relying in your management expertise and efforts, your organization can turn into a world delivery company with large fleet of vessels

You may be one of the best CEO in the world. Let's begin proper now.

- Key Features -

More than 80 major worldwide ports

5 various sorts of cargo ships - bulk carriers, container carriers, tankers, fuel carriers, car carriers

Over 50 completely different delivery items

Free and common (automatic) flights

Changes in international financial system and oil prices