In Between Love Death:Romance you choose

In Between Love Death:Romance you choose

By Genius Inc

In Between Love Death:Romance you chooseIn Between Love Death:Romance you chooseIn Between Love Death:Romance you chooseIn Between Love Death:Romance you chooseIn Between Love Death:Romance you choose

You’re given a second chance at life and it’s as a lot as you to search out the true meaning!


“Why is my life always so painful?”

From your childhood at the orphanage all through adulthood, you’ve identified nothing but suffering in a lifetime of poverty and unfairness.

But issues took a drastic flip when an unfortunate accident befalls you just when your life is crumbling into items.

Waking up in a strange desolate place, an enigmatic grim reaper proposes to you a deal to repair an unprecedented mistake.

Or so he says at least…

Will you're taking the deal and reclaim a greater life for yourself?

Or will you readily accept death’s door?

Ready yourselves for a heart wrenching journey of self-discovery and taking a 2nd shot at a meaningful life with 3 engaging male leads!


Noah – The Enigmatic Grim Reaper

The first particular person you see in your 2nd probability at life. Noah is never seen without a sort smile on his face. He helps you agree into your new life and advices you on many issues.

He seems to know lots about you however when the tables are turned, Noah dodges the question with a mysterious smile.

It didn’t take you lengthy to determine he holds a very massive secret behind these stunning eyes.

Will you dive into his mysterious charm lengthy enough for him to open up?

Caden – The Cool Famous Actor

The no. 1 actor that’s been in numerous hit productions that gain him a massive fanbase and fortune.

But similar to any other superstar, there shall be scandals and drama surrounding him. Despite his cool exterior, Caden is secretly a broken man trapped in a cage with no means out.

That desperation to escape leads him to drive recklessly one night time.

And that recklessness brought on the accident on you!

Will you retain up an unforgiving coldness towards him?

Or soften up if you see his hidden scars…?

Bentley – The Aloof Socialite

As the son of a rich major corporation, Bentley only has a taste for the finest issues in life. He spends his cash without a lot care and always will get whatever he desires.

The solely thing he can’t get …is You!

You can never determine him out fully together with his sizzling chilly perspective. It’s even stunning to search out out he’s Caden’s best friend.

But there are moments where you can see him in a really totally different gentle.

Almost as if he’s carrying a mask this entire time…

Will you be the one to shatter that mask and see the true Bentley?

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