Me is King : Idle Stone Age

Me is King : Idle Stone Age


Me is King : Idle Stone AgeMe is King : Idle Stone AgeMe is King : Idle Stone AgeMe is King : Idle Stone AgeMe is King : Idle Stone Age

Me is King is an idle farming simulation recreation set in the Stone Age!

Only 1% of players become the ultimate word tycoon within 5 minutes - can you?!

Lord over super tribes with decisions that YOU make! Reign supreme over your cavemen and make them do your bidding! Unlike other farming simulation games or colony games, you call the pictures AND select how they do it! Expand your kingdom as your decisions will advance earnings, idle cash and revenue that can assist you turn into the richest millionaire tycoon of the Stone Age!

This isn’t only a meme game! You get to build a village and farm your idle cash all the finest way to the top! Or a minimal of, since food is technically cash to cavemen. Cut down trees to make houses, hunt down vile and ferocious boars and increase your idle cash earnings to create your good farm life! Find Stone Age treasures, hunt big chickens and dictate what your super tribes offer you as tribute! Because that’s how life is… when you’re King!




- Idle Adventure: Some cavemen are fitted to looking vile animals, some cavemen assist your revenue develop, and some are suited for… exploring?! Let them explore to their heart’s content material so you presumably can unlock distant lands!

- Perfect Farm Life: Grow your crops, you’re not going to remain hungry forever! Create your dream Stone Age farm! Upgrade your tremendous tribes by feeding them!

- Island Survival: Fight vile and scary animals that attack your village! Keep in form to hunt them down to feast on afterwards!

- Expand your Kingdom: Ready to expand your meme recreation village to make it into a real Stone Age Empire? Evolve your civilization throughout the area of some days, or maybe a few hours!

- Decision Making: Ready for tribal life? Become a wealthy millionaire tycoon on this meme recreation with the choices YOU make! Watch as your idle earnings grows more and more every day!

- Simple Controls: Simply choose what your super tribes should do and await the magic to happen! Everything’s easy-peasy on this idle cash farming simulation game!

- Adorable Art: Is this a meme game? Or is it a cute game? Why not both? Even the vile animals are beautiful!

- Explore Mysterious Ruins: Village life isn’t all you'll find a way to expertise in this farming simulation! Find new vile enemies, historic artifacts and kooky decorations to decorate up your farm!

- Build a Village to make a City: Make selections that may affect the lives of your cavemen to turn them into the best super tribes this world has ever seen! Tap your way to large idle revenue development, too!

- Watch Time Pass: Time passes when you’re having fun with this Stone Age idle money farming simulation, so watch as every day comes and goes! (Guaranteed to be far more enjoyable than watching paint dry.)

- Forever Free: Play at no cost, 24/7, all day every day! Play one of the best meme recreation “Me is King” NOW!

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