Idle Mine RPG

Idle Mine RPG

By Iron Horse Games LLC

Idle Mine RPGIdle Mine RPGIdle Mine RPGIdle Mine RPGIdle Mine RPG

Idle Mine RPG is an idle recreation that allows you to take management of a group of dwarfs and mine deep underground. Collect gold, mine ore, dig rescue lost miners and craft items! Spend money to upgrade your dwarf warrior and mine deep to the core. Prestige to dig deeper, kill quicker throw extra bombs!


Tap to Mine

● Tap to throw bombs and dig ore!

● Tap to destroy monsters earn gold!

● Tap to upgrade dig deep!


● Craft Items to Mine Rare Ore

● Craft Refine Rare Ore Gems!

● Recruit more Dwarfs to Craft Faster!


● Hire tons of dwarf miners to mine for you!

● Upgrade Your Miners by Refining Ore!

● Idle as Your Dwarfs Collect Gold!

RPG Gameplay

● Upgrade Your Bomb Throwing Skills!

● Level Up Your Dwarf Stats to Mine Faster!

● Craft Weapons, Picks Armor on your Miners!

Idle Mine RPG–Blow Stuff Up, Mine with Dwarfs!

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