Home Defense - Zombie Siege

Home Defense - Zombie Siege

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Home Defense - Zombie SiegeHome Defense - Zombie SiegeHome Defense - Zombie SiegeHome Defense - Zombie SiegeHome Defense - Zombie Siege

Ready to build a staff with sorts of monsters?

Call up highly effective monsters to defend your personal home for glory!


1 – Tap eggs to get monsters.

2 – Merge monsters to be powerful.

3 – Build your monster staff.

4 – Upgrade your monster team.

5 – Kill zombies to defend home.



Send your monster team to hitch the Auto-battle with zombies.

Even when offline, you monsters are nonetheless fighting for you.

Casual and easy gameplay.

★ More Than a hundred Monsters to Unlock

100 monsters in several factions with particular abilities.

Obtain your individual monsters and improve them as you want.

★ Activity

Different activities each week.

Several new monsters every week.

Collect special rewards each week.

★1000 Challenging Stages

Rich abilities, countless challenges.

Fight against a continuous wave of zombies, winning awesome prizes.

★Monster Search

Get larger level monsters at no cost.

Make your monsters kill extra zombies.

★ Mission

Complete missions daily.

Collect rewards daily.

This is a peaceable house. One day, horrible zombies attacked right here. As a hero right here, you have to form a strong monster army to shoot and defeat them.

In this game, you'll nurture a wide range of monsters, they have totally different abilities, and may proceed to upgrade. You can take pleasure in creating countless unique skill combos, all of which are designed to assist you survive.

You don’t need to pay anything except time, yes, that is an idle recreation, even if you're offline, you may also get wealthy results.

Facing the ruthless zombies, you can construct a staff with varied monsters, use your thoughts and strategy to fairly prepare the mix of monsters and combating positions, and shield your lovely home.

The unending enemies will never give up, and use your strategy, make essential selections to make your team into the most highly effective in the world.

If you like idle and tower defense video games, you’ll take pleasure in this causal house protection game.

Home Defense is an easy-to-play however difficult recreation, benefit from every part of our idle sport, you'll be the super home defender.

And when you have any question about our idle recreation, don’t be afraid and get in contact with us with all of your questions, we have a special discord server for you and all idle gamers.

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