Is It Love? Matt - bad boy

Is It Love? Matt - bad boy

By 1492 Studio

Is It Love? Matt - bad boyIs It Love? Matt - bad boyIs It Love? Matt - bad boyIs It Love? Matt - bad boyIs It Love? Matt - bad boy

The second Otome Game (dating game) in our « Is It Love? » series, is now out there in English.

Try out this brand new love recreation with a French Touch!


For three months now, you’ve been working at Carter Corp a company based by the mysterious R. Carter and based mostly in New York.

You instantly hit it off with your work colleague, Matt Ortega. A charming and candy man, who seems to always discover phrases that make you smile. You feel extremely drawn to him and have set your thoughts on seducing him. But the moment you move up a gear, his brother steps in and his arrival may well change issues...

This is YOUR story!

You are the heroine of this free state of affairs game! Beyond merely reading, the choices you make affect the story and its last consequence.

New stories and new chapters are often launched permitting you to stay the love story you’ve all the time dreamed of.


Matt Ortega : graphic designer

Teasing, sensitive, creative, sporty.

25 years outdated, single, epicurean.

Distinguishing characteristic : Warm­hearted Bad boy.

Star signal : Scorpio.

“I know, I’m so bright that I gentle up your days”.

Daryl Ortega : Undisclosed.

Insolent, daring, passionate.

25 years previous, single, audacious.

Distinguishing characteristic : Latino Bad boy.

Star signal : Scorpio.

“Each and every forbidden pleasure is price living”.

Ryan Carter : Founder and director of the corporate.

Magnetic, charismatic, guiding, shiny, intimidating.

28 years outdated, single, multimillionaire.

Distinguishing function : Control freak.

Star signal : Sagittarius.

“Miss, there might be nothing that I can’t have.”

Mark Leviels : Managing director of a company department.

Intellectual, ambitious, calm, accessible.

28 years outdated, work addict.

Distinguishing function : never with out his smartphone.

Star signal : Libra

“Choosing means dropping one thing. I choose to dedicate myself to my job.”

Gabriel Simons : Manager

Outgoing, manipulative, insolent, tactile.

28 years old, single, “serial lover”.

Distinguishing characteristic : Uses his seduction asset.

Star signal : Leo.

“ I fought to get the place I am. I know the way demanding one should be.”

Cassidy Sparke : Human Resources manager

Cold, haughty, social climber.

25 years outdated, single.

Distinguishing function : could be very self­confident.

Star sign : Capricorn.

“I can damage your profession with a single snap of my fingers.”

Colin Spencer : programmer

Curt, terse, mysterious;

25 years previous, single, somber.

Distinguishing characteristic : leader of a heavy metallic group.

Star signal : Pisces.


Lisa Parker : secretary

Gentle, sociable, competent, loyal.

24 years outdated, single.

Distinguishing feature : is all the time smiling.

Star sign : Virgo.

“On dangerous days, I have a look at my smiley post­it and it helps me smile.”

The further you go in the Otome recreation, the extra stunning pictures you'll unlock which can illustrate your romance!

But beware of the choices you make! They influence the unravelling of the illustrations and the unlocking of secret scenes! But no worries, you’ll still have the chance of enjoying the game or a certain chapter once more to unlock the images you may need missed!

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1492 Studio, primarily based in Montpellier, France, was co-founded in 2014 by Claire and Thibaud Zamora, two entrepreneurs with more than 20 years’ experience within the freemium recreation business. Acquired by Ubisoft in 2018, the studio has continued to create interactive stories within the type of visible novels to counterpoint the content of the Is it Love? collection. With a dozen mobile apps totaling over 50 million downloads to date, 1492 creates video games that allow our gamers to journey and uncover new worlds, full of intrigue, suspense and romance. The studio continues to function its stay video games, creating extra content and facilitating an lively community of followers while additionally working on new projects for the longer term.

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