Gangs of the Magic Realm: Otome Romance Game

Gangs of the Magic Realm: Otome Romance Game

By Genius Inc

Gangs of the Magic Realm: Otome Romance GameGangs of the Magic Realm: Otome Romance GameGangs of the Magic Realm: Otome Romance GameGangs of the Magic Realm: Otome Romance GameGangs of the Magic Realm: Otome Romance Game

Discover your real love on this unique Romance Otome Game from Genius Inc!


You’ve been working a restaurant as a barista for a couple of years now. Your mother and father are lengthy since deceased and your youthful brother went missing a couple of years again. As a aspect gig, you also assist sweep the magical ash that falls as “Gray Rain” in your world – remnants of magic from the opposite side, the Illusory Realm. Weak magi don’t use their magic efficiently, creating a byproduct that pollutes the Mundane World. The No-Contact Treaty prevents these two worlds from interacting and that’s fantastic by you. The Illusory Realm is run by magi…and everyone is aware of magi are a lawless bunch.

One day, two attractive younger males go to your cafe. After overhearing their dialog, you determine that they could simply be from the IR! Worse, you have a suspicion that they simply might find a way that will assist you find your lacking brother. On an impulse, you try to observe them again to their very own world…and all of a sudden you notice the whole scenario is much greater than simply finding your brother. Can you help stop the fanatical group Chimera? Is your brother even alive? And you might just end up falling for one of many sexy males of the Kuhn Family, one of the most energy crime households of the IR…



Easily essentially the most charismatic of the bunch and a natural-born chief, Zev runs the show. He keeps Ezekiel according to ease and is dependent upon Nolan to fill within the finer details of an operation. Like you, he’s searching for somebody – his brother’s assassin. He’s not afraid to throw himself beneath the bus for the folks he cares about…could that be you? While Zev can manipulate water, his preferred method is to simply freeze his enemies. There’s additionally a secret behind that eye patch…


Ezekiel could be cute…if he’d just keep his mouth shut. He’s sullen, irritable, and clearly hates you from the get-go. Even though he’d comply with Zev to the grave, he nonetheless drives Nolan insane along with his abrasive angle and casual approach to his duties. His previous is complicated and also you get the feeling that certain matters are a sore subject. Can you go toe-to-toe along with his snark? Ezekiel can manipulate fire…and is well some of the highly effective pyromagi.


Kind, thoughtful, and meticulous are phrases Zev might use to describe Nolan. Ezekiel might say he’s overly crucial or micromanaging. Regardless of what his members of the family suppose, he’s nothing however friendly and gracious to you. Despite his pleasant nature, he hates Chimera with a shocking vehemence for causes unknown to you and he seems to have a fancy of sorts…will you assist him unravel it? He can throw lightning and briefly nullify the magic of others.

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