Idle Area 51

Idle Area 51

By PlaySide Studios

Idle Area 51Idle Area 51Idle Area 51Idle Area 51Idle Area 51

The aliens have CRASH landed!

Salvage as a lot alien tech as attainable from the downed UFO and take it to your super secret desert facility for research in Idle Area 51.

Start small and build your operation from scratch. Unlock the secrets and techniques of alien biology, UFO construction, high-powered laser weaponry and interstellar travel and gain extra funding from the shadowy government department overseeing everything. Maximize the effectivity of your facility by speeding up your processes; purchase more vans, get more salvage, improve your analysis stations, prepare your employees and develop your operations!

But you’ll have to work quick. Keep a watch out for the little inexperienced guys, get your tinfoil hats ready and expect a go to from the Guys in Black! Start a misinformation marketing campaign to throw the general public off the scent, be careful for raids on your facilities and upgrade your operations with goodies from interplanetary Star Gates and mysterious Quasars.

You’re in management of the power so develop your strategy, cut back prices, improve income and know that the alternatives you make will determine the fate of your operation ...and maybe even the world!

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