Bionix: Spore Evolution Sim 3D

Bionix: Spore Evolution Sim 3D

By Just For Fun Games

Bionix: Spore Evolution Sim 3DBionix: Spore Evolution Sim 3DBionix: Spore Evolution Sim 3DBionix: Spore Evolution Sim 3DBionix: Spore Evolution Sim 3D

Bionix - Spore and Bacteria Evolution Simulator 3D allows you to create your own unique creature, eat cells and microbes, collect DNA, evolve by way of enhancing stats and mutations and tear your enemies to shreds, of course!

This evolution game simulates the lifetime of real underwater organisms similar to diatom, ciliate, micro organism, bacillus, spirochaete, algae and different species in addition to underwater worlds which may be infinite and procedurally created.

It also has a number of the mechanics familiar from the legendary sport Spore like including body elements, altering the looks and characteristics.

From the origins of being, hundreds of thousands years of evolution brings you legendary creatures in 3D: gastrortich, copepod, infusoria, ciliate, nematode, rotifier, lacrymaria, hydra, tardigrade and different species!

Choose your hero: a huge worm, a quick hunter monster, a hungry tentacle octopus beast or create your individual creature from scratch!

Bionix - Spore and Bacteria Evolution Simulator 3D major options:

• Play offline

• PC quality 3D graphics and sound effects

• Procedural underwater open world simulating artificial life, natural selection, evolution and autonomous ecosystem

• Procedural creatures and animations, physics primarily based mechanics

• A science survival evolution game featuring 50 distinctive realistic 3D creatures, cells and spores, other ways to get DNA

• Stats, talents, mutations, skins, colors, shapes and different methods to customise your creature within the warfare for survival and dominance

• And finally... Spore like creature creator that permits you to build your own distinctive xenobot!

Start your micro galactic adventures now with Bionix - Spore and Bacteria Evolution Simulator 3D!


• Sign in to make use of cloud save, earn achievements, take part in the leaderboard, and unlock new creatures

• Use cloud save/load characteristic to transfer progress between accounts/devices or to backup your progress

• Tips to improve FPS: reduce system display decision or decrease resolution in-game, disable Bloom and different post-processing results, set quality degree to low, uncheck FPS restrict. Disable/uninstall any recreation launcher/enchancer/tool apps. Disable power saving mode.


Found a bug? Contact us by e mail, connect a screenshot / video. Be positive to include your gadget model, model, OS version and app model.

This survival evolution game is frequently updated with new features, content material and challenges to keep you coming back for more!



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