Swarm Simulator: Evolution

Swarm Simulator: Evolution

By Iron Horse Games LLC

Swarm Simulator: EvolutionSwarm Simulator: EvolutionSwarm Simulator: EvolutionSwarm Simulator: EvolutionSwarm Simulator: Evolution


Swarm Simulator: Evolution brings the strategic, incremental, idle, clicker gameplay of the wildly profitable internet sport into a model new 3D world with dozens of new systems and additional features!

Evolve your method from lowly larvae and drones to all-powerful hive Overminds and past on this idle masterpiece! Conquer territory with fearsome Stingers and Locusts to turn into a tycoon of unit manufacturing. Sacrifice smaller units for the greater good of the colony and Ascend again and again as you construct your Swarm toward its final objective of universe spanning conquest!

== Swarm Simulator Features ==

Idle Clicker Gameplay

• Endless development - start with a quantity of lowly units, evolve and hatch your approach to unimaginable numbers.

• Idle mode - the sport will keep progressing whether or not it's open or not, take a break for a quantity of hours and your Swarm will develop and grow!

• Ascend your Swarm to begin out over on a new world but with highly effective new Mutations.

Evolution Upgrades

• All new 3D graphics and new units, dozens of 3D bugs in a completely 3D world.

• Elixirs give brief time period buffs to your Swarm, use a Rage elixir to capture extra territory ... or a Warper elixir to hurry up time itself!

• Golden Bugs can be captured to offer long-term bonuses to your Swarm.

• Swarm Lord Invasions, the HFL, Carapace Shards, unlockable skins in your bugs and more!

The traditional text-based incremental game has been reborn in vibrant 3D. Download Swarm Simulator now and conquer EVERYTHING!

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