Steal my Heart : Hot Sexy Anime Otome Dating Sim

Steal my Heart : Hot Sexy Anime Otome Dating Sim

By Genius Inc

Steal my Heart : Hot Sexy Anime Otome Dating SimSteal my Heart : Hot Sexy Anime Otome Dating SimSteal my Heart : Hot Sexy Anime Otome Dating SimSteal my Heart : Hot Sexy Anime Otome Dating SimSteal my Heart : Hot Sexy Anime Otome Dating Sim

Discover your true love in this distinctive Romance Otome Game from Genius Inc!


You are a younger girl who works at a museum, and the daughter of a philanthropic archaeologist who went missing a number of years ago on an expedition to search out some legendary magic jewels. These jewels had been said to comprise a mysterious energy that could grant the one who finds them any want, and your father was devoted to search out the reality. One night whereas closing up the museum, a strange visitor enters and mentions your father. But you quickly really feel threatened by this intriguing but terrifying stranger, and in the nick of time, a mysterious, handsome young man appears and whisks you away to safety... Later, you find yourself in a secret hideout surrounded by three attractive men, including your rescuer, who are decided to guard you, and find the identical jewels your father was looking for! Could they maintain the key to the whereabouts of your father, and the secrets and techniques of his research? How do they know him, and what do they know in regards to the jewels? Also, who is the unusual determine who broke into the museum? What secrets and techniques do these individuals know? And why do all of them want YOU? In one single, eventful day, you quickly find yourself thrust right into a brand new world of secrets, magic, mystery, and the hidden world of the legendary Phantom Thieves. These thieves have lengthy been known to steal various artifacts... however which one will be succesful of steal your heart?



A feisty however self-centered character, Alexei only needs to protect you in his special way. He likes consideration, and will do anything to get yours! Crafty, proficient, and skilled with his hands, he's great at making decoys, and finding his method round secret places. However, will this protecting thief be in a position to steal his method into your heart?


Jay is the cool, mature thief and barista on the local cafe with a few secrets of his own. But don't let his introspective persona fool you - he is all the time thinking about you first and foremost! He has no time for video games, and will do something to keep you safe! But what's he hiding? Will you be the one to crack open his heart?


This playful gentleman prefers to let his money do the speaking. A profitable businessman from a young age, this elegant thief is aware of how to use his skills (and funds) to accumulate useful data, and of course, maintain you safe! But there are some things cash can't purchase. Can he afford the worth of your heart?

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Our sport is Japanese anime style relationship simulator, otome game, otaku sport, visual novel and digital boyfriend.

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