Images: Pipe Dreams

Images: Pipe Dreams

By Kaigan Games OÜ

Images: Pipe DreamsImages: Pipe DreamsImages: Pipe DreamsImages: Pipe DreamsImages: Pipe Dreams

A free-to-play spin-off of the critically acclaimed SIMULACRA, Pipe Dreams tells a model new story, with a brand new interface, live-action solid and horrors to unravel. Follow the story of Teddy as he tries desperately to break free from the maintain of a cursed video game.

Teddy’s life further falls apart as he begins to neglect some fairly necessary issues... He finds messages that he has no recollection of sending and often finds himself blacking out with huge gaps of time lacking. And it all started after he downloaded this mysterious free game called FlapeeBird.

You don’t need to play SIMULACRA to take pleasure in this one, nevertheless it helps.



Enjoy the identical narrative horror expertise with a model new plot, new characters and new puzzles.


A story that unfolds entirely on the display screen of a mobile phone, with returning apps similar to Jabbr and Surfr, along with a brand new sport app called FlapeeBird.


The decisions you make will result in totally different endings. Can you find them all?


Explore the larger thriller behind the SIMULACRA universe. What are these “SIMULACRA”? How is “Gateway 31” linked to them? The solutions are hidden in plain sight, you just must know what to search for.


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