Jelly RPG - 2D Pixel RPG

Jelly RPG - 2D Pixel RPG

By WMG Studio

Jelly RPG - 2D Pixel RPGJelly RPG - 2D Pixel RPGJelly RPG - 2D Pixel RPGJelly RPG - 2D Pixel RPGJelly RPG - 2D Pixel RPG

■ Game Introduction

▶ The finest role-playing game!

Meet us proper now!

▶ A basic RPG with a cool feel

Enjoy a side-scrolling 2D RPG recreation.

▶ A enjoyable adventure!

explore different terrains

Discover the cute jellies gummies

Best grinding games

▶ Powerful weapon without degree limit

Get several types of weapons for every tier!

▶ Fun area hunting

Fast movement and non-stop looking are possible!

Feel a sense of accomplishment

▶ Automatic searching optimized for busy every day life

Leave the game on and do something else!

▶ The subject you want to maintain hunting!

Fast motion and non-stop hunting are possible!

Fast looking using terrain!

▶ Produce varied items!

Craft your equipment!

▶ Infinite Farming!

Farming the gadgets you need!

▶ Be strong via gear enhancement

Increase assault energy and defense, and hunt stronger jellies gummies.

▶ Quests that can help you progress

Move forward as you progress by way of quests

▶ Powerful Boss Raid

Prove your strength by way of boss raids

▶ Ranking system

Compete with others in the rankings!

Level up to be the most effective within the rankings.


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