Idle Guardians: Never Die

Idle Guardians: Never Die

By Super Planet

Idle Guardians: Never DieIdle Guardians: Never DieIdle Guardians: Never DieIdle Guardians: Never DieIdle Guardians: Never Die

■ New Contents Update - Hue Agency ■

The true ability behind the sumptuous transformation of the Guardians... is hidden of their costumes?!

The Guardians' secret wardrobe is now revealed!

- New skins that will further upgrade your Guardian's abilities!

- Create and synthesize the pores and skin you want! Additional stats UP just by owning a skin!

- Buff up if you complete the collection by collecting numerous skins in the closet!

↑↑↑Go verify the Guardian Wardrobe proper now ↑↑↑


This is a real IDLE RPG!

Guardians carry on going by way of the levels of the sport, even when you're not playing!

An auto-combat sport with cute dot graphics and retro recreation nostalgia!

Never die, Endless Rebirth IDLE Guardians!

-Game Features-

■ Legendary AFK RPG, Auto-Combat idle RPG

AFK IDLE? It retains on playing even when you're not!

Everything is automated, from the infinite levels progression to auto-combat and auto-farming!

■ Endless Growth and Rebirth System

Every time you rebirth, turn into stronger sooner.

The Hero never dies! He just resurrects.

Become stronger and conquer all phases and dungeons perfectly!

■ A RPG with distinctive Characters that are enjoyable to collect !

Unique game contents that convey again basic video games corresponding to Whack-a-mole, Tetris, and Claw Machines!

More than one hundred sixty characters with retro graphics and dot designs!

■ Never Stop Farming RPG

24/7 fully working Gold Mine Research Institute!

Automatic farming of sources to strengthen the Guardians!

Even offline, the Guardians are farming!

That is the fun of automatic farming!

■ A special Enhancement System just for Children Guardians!

Guardians powering up through stage up and enhancement plus 'Promotion System'!

When promoted, the Guardians' look modifications and so they get additional skills!

Legend-class fun!

■ Endless Battles to take pleasure in with Endless Contents

Demon World 'Demon' pet for the Guardians, Power up due to strong buffs!

Global PVP World-class Global War that mobilizes all of union, steadiness and strategy

Pyramid Endless rewards, Endless challenges, Endless dungeons and adventures

Dept Raid Hunt the strongest Boss along with your Guild members

Force Fight 30 vs 30 XL Live Guild War

■ Shh, Full of secrets and techniques, Continue's secret lab!

Another content material for the Guardians, a secret island the place wonderful research and inventions are hidden!

Opening of a secret stage stuffed with strong items, additional quests, various rewards!

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