Battle Bouncers: Legion of Breakers! Brawl RPG

Battle Bouncers: Legion of Breakers! Brawl RPG

By Game Hive Corporation

Battle Bouncers: Legion of Breakers! Brawl RPGBattle Bouncers: Legion of Breakers! Brawl RPGBattle Bouncers: Legion of Breakers! Brawl RPGBattle Bouncers: Legion of Breakers! Brawl RPGBattle Bouncers: Legion of Breakers! Brawl RPG

Aim, shoot, and bounce your method to victory to experience the epic new RPG brick-breaker from the studio behind Tap Titans 2 and Beat the Boss.

In a world at struggle with a darkish and mysterious enemy, the only hope lies in a band of courageous and magical heroes.

Smash through hordes of enemy traces, assemble a group of legendary heroes, and battle alongside highly effective friends in this quest to once again convey peace again to the realm.

Command your heroes in battle as you brawl by way of tons of of unique RPG brick breaker ranges. Aim and shoot magic balls to unleash devastating assaults on incoming enemies.

As you journey via different kingdoms, release captive heroes from their shard prisons so as to unlock their powers and enjoy the final RPG adventure.


PLAY a smashing new tactical RPG brick breaker.

COLLECT over 30 hand-drawn magical heroes similar to elves, dwarves, humans, and beasts in an epic battle to save their world.

BOUNCE fireballs, lightning bolts, and an arsenal of damaging balls with precision off enemy forces to crush them all.

BATTLE an onslaught of evil advancing enemies ready to assault your heroes with arrows and poison.

BREAK heroes free from their prison shards and discover their full potential as they brawl via enemy lines and bounce to victory.

ADVENTURE down the world map to find over 10 gorgeous kingdoms with 200 challenging ranges, each with their own captive heroes to unlock distinctive enemies.


HEROIC MODE allows you to revisit your favourite stages with more difficulty and earn uncommon Shards to do extra harm.

★ ️ TOWER MODE is a brand-new addition where your heroes can battle non-stop enemies daily as they quest up a tower to earn ability scrolls, tower tokens, and gold.

★⚔️ SHARDS permit you to unlock, evolve, and improve your heroes’ talents for battle.

CLANS allow you to create a guild and speak to gamers worldwide as you construct up your arsenal of Runes and earn Clan Tokens to purchase in-store offerings.


For a thousand years, heroes, filled with valor, have trekked throughout the land to perform a strong annual ceremony that has stored their world at peace and prevented struggle with the True Enemy.

However, as a new era of bearers made their journey, things were amiss - the True Enemy returned sealing away the courageous heroes and their legendary weapons in crystal shards.

Faced with a ceaseless army of mindless warriors, 4 courageous heroes have emerged and they’re on a mission to once once more bring peace back to the realm! Armed with highly effective ball bouncing abilities, it is up to you to command your heroes in battle together with your brick breaking expertise.

Pull back and release to unleash devastating attacks, ranging from tornadoes, fireballs, and lightning bolts to crush through enemy forces. As your mighty heroes make their means across the attractive hand-drawn kingdoms, get able to purpose, shoot and bounce balls off approaching enemies and lethal blocks, saving your heroes from captivity in the course of.


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DOWNLOAD AND PLAY NOW - Battle by way of tons of of distinctive RPG style levels, defeating diverse enemies utilizing your purpose and ball bouncing abilities!

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