Throne of the Chosen: King #39;s Gambit

Throne of the Chosen: King #39;s Gambit

By EskyfunUSA

Throne of the Chosen: King #39;s GambitThrone of the Chosen: King #39;s GambitThrone of the Chosen: King #39;s GambitThrone of the Chosen: King #39;s GambitThrone of the Chosen: King #39;s Gambit

Build the good empire and discover your individual romance to win her heart and love.

Throne of the Chosen is a simulation RPG game in which you'll have the ability to collect followers and have romance with all types of gorgeous ladies from historic Greek Mythology European historical past. As the king of Troy, you might be given the power to manage the city and build it to a great empire to save the world from warfare. Use your wisdom and show your charm to recruit historical followers from all around the world like sultans and Vikings. Judge their destiny and be the legend! Date with beauties and train your inheritor to power up! Involve within the sport of king and beat them to be the best emperor or empress ever!

To be ever-victorious, or be all-knowing - which can you choose?

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Key Features:

●Carefully Carved Characters

Involving ancient Greek Mythology European historical past, all characters are carefully carved to convey visual enjoyment.

Various followers with their very own specialty, multiple fun to gather and level-up.

Log in for 7 days to get the ☆Legendary General☆ Bismarck and the ☆Beautiful Lady☆ Feodora!

●Resource War

Use your strategy to compete with different gamers, with all assets that can assist you be the king of kings!

●Dragon and Raid

Interact with ice dragon Kars, raise it to be your strongest alley!

Defeat the fierce assault from hearth dragon Alhazred, slaughter it and honor shall be yours!

●AFK Battle

One-tap AFK, all you must do is accumulating rewards and getting rapid growth!

Challenge the boss to get plentiful rewards and present your strength!

●Socializing Mutual Growth

Initiate marriage on your heirs with different gamers and get mutual growth!

Powerful guild with other players, conquer for glory and victory!

Now, begin the true royal pleasure in Throne of the Chosen!

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