Survival-quest Symbiont 2

Survival-quest Symbiont 2

By Symb

Survival-quest Symbiont 2Survival-quest Symbiont 2Survival-quest Symbiont 2Survival-quest Symbiont 2Survival-quest Symbiont 2

“and noticed a beast rise up out of the sea, and the hunters grew to become the hunted” // Revelation

THE STORY. Here's a sequel to the tragedy in the Shelter M-2 lab. This time you are the operator, who has to take his protégé via all of the dangers at the facility that’s swarming with the walking lifeless.

Sergey Berkut is an expert mercenary, a fighter of the particular ops Blade troop. But even all of his expertise and experience are powerless towards the Symbiont. You’re his solely hope!

Symbiont 2 is a science fiction text quest, a combination of horror and survival. From now on, you’re on the other aspect of the conflict. Your position process is to finish the quest mission successfully, untangle the web of riddles and, of course, it would be best to maintain the mercenary alive.

Operation Clear Horizon is about to begin!


★ Over 1,000 areas and 13,000 unique messages.

★ About 30 hours of playtime with sincere playthrough.

★ 2 unique storyline campaigns.

★ 4 authentic endings that comprise secret codes.

★ Unique secret locations, which won’t be accessible to everyone...

★ Direct sequel of the Symbiont quest, meet the familiar characters, including neuroscientist Martin Shepard, in the new game

★ New Achievement system and open/accessible endings panel.

★ Updated musical, audio and graphics library.

★ Improved environment response to participant actions.

★ Intricately woven storyline quest, whose intrigue will maintain you in your toes till the last moments!

The text quest motion approaches real-time. The major character will get in contact with you, let you know all about what’s occurring his end, and likewise ask for help and advice. Sometimes he’ll need time to act or perhaps simply relaxation. Every considered one of our choices influences the course of the story, both salvation of humanity and its extinction are in your hands.

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