Dungeon of Gods

Dungeon of Gods

By Super Planet

Dungeon of GodsDungeon of GodsDungeon of GodsDungeon of GodsDungeon of Gods

▪ Raise a Half-God in this Infinite Upgrade RPG!

▪ Break through the dungeon with solely the tip of your finger!

▪ Enjoy the incredible assault action.

✔ Feel the joy of assault action with incredibly simple controls!

- Drag, drop and defeat stage monsters easily!

- Dodge the attack of the God guarding dungeon and, once you enter a certain range, charge!

- Destroy all surrounding monsters in one unstoppable attack!

- Hit and run rapidly before the enemy's assault gauge fills up!

✔ Gameplay based mostly on choices, rogue-like motion RPG

- If you clear the dungeon, a quantity of new entrances will appear! Which one will you choose?

- Before entering the subsequent dungeon, choose the most effective skill amongst 3!

- After strengthening your expertise through stacking, clear the stage in one go along with one steady attack!

- The extra chapters you conquer, the more numerous expertise and strategies you will need!

✔ Become the king of gods with infinite upgrades!

- Defeat enemies which are growing stronger and get promoted!

- Collect and strengthen tools and relics to turn out to be a powerful demigod!

- Equip your self with a singular costume and purchase additional stats!

- Protect yourself from enemies with a half shield!

✔ Challenge the dungeons if you want to get stronger!

- Dark Tower: Within the time limit, kill 30 enemies and get an enormous amount of gems!

- Item Dungeon: Obtain varied gadgets by dealing with monsters on each floor!

- Rune Dungeon: Defeat enemies in all phases and purchase runes to improve relics!

- Material Dungeon: Acquire materials for the half-shield but beware... If you get even one assault from the enemy, it is game over!

✔ Thanks to automated hunting, you'll have the ability to clear again dungeons which have already been cleared in one strike! Super-fast progress with much less play time!

- Collect swords, tools, skills and more as rewards for clearing the chapters! Become a dungeon master!

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