Legend of the Phoenix

Legend of the Phoenix

By Modo Global

Legend of the PhoenixLegend of the PhoenixLegend of the PhoenixLegend of the PhoenixLegend of the Phoenix

If only life had been as beautiful as at first sight,

Full of happiness and bliss when we were together.

We had been meant to be loving each other,

Why does it have to finish with us parting?

《Legend of the Phoenix》is an otome mobile recreation style which focuses on ancient fashion love story. With every choice that you made on the fork street, there will be ups and downs. It could be for the better. During your solo journey within the sport, you will get to fulfill different sorts of people. With your confidants and companions, you will really feel the enjoyment of admiring the attractive surroundings. You will never really feel lonely once more.

New type of experiencing storyline, character improvement system, various varieties of traditional China costume fashion. Confess your like to him, understanding each other more and relive the love that you simply had been anticipating for. Although it could look like I'm ready for someone else whereas ingesting a cup of tea, but

actually I am waiting for you.

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※The sport is a free to play recreation, however there are additionally paid providers corresponding to buying digital sport coins and gadgets within the game. Please make your purchase wisely.

※Please take note of your gaming hours and keep away from taking part in obsessively. Playing games for a protracted period of time can have an result on your work and relaxation. You ought to reset and exercise moderately.

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