Conferred God War Chronicles: Nezha's Rebirth

Conferred God War Chronicles: Nezha's Rebirth

By The Great Hippo

Conferred God War Chronicles: Nezha's RebirthConferred God War Chronicles: Nezha's RebirthConferred God War Chronicles: Nezha's RebirthConferred God War Chronicles: Nezha's RebirthConferred God War Chronicles: Nezha's Rebirth

My friends, I marvel when you nonetheless bear in mind the various gods within the Conferred God List?

Fengshen War: Nezha Rebirth is an revolutionary strategy hanging card mobile game with the theme of oriental mythology. On the basis of traditional round fight, the sport adds fascinating random fairy help gameplay. There are also cool integration skills show, making the battle more fun;

During the developmental period, there are numerous components of strategic gameplay to accompany development, and the lineup is fashioned with many bloody battles, cross-server competition, and more distinctive ten thousand gang wars. . Friends, hurry up and go along with Nezha and all of the teammates to keep away from wasting the world, and let's enter the list of gods in the first battle of Feitian.

Game Features

High-Explosive Welfare Recruitment: 10 consecutive card draws to get 2 more generals, Fuxi God plays cool card draws, and you'll recruit high-quality generals;

Unique Fengshen Style: Extreme character modeling, exquisite vertical drawing animation, delicate battle animation;

Place Fengshen grasp up: Classic round, place hold up, technique is king, You can mix and match cool abilities;

Random and interesting gameplay: Add random plots to easy levels, and discover the wild to search out immortals to assist out;

Reproduce basic myths: Jiang Taigong Fishing, Jiang Ziya going down the mountain, three robbing the gods listing, fierce battles, restore the age of gods!

Top Ten Welfare Public Tests Sincere Gifts

Welfare 1: 7-day login to get a hundred lottery

Event time: 7 days before the server starts

Event content material: You can get it by logging in every day, and logging in for seven consecutive days can get a total of one hundred consecutive attracts. The high quality gods shall be recruited by you.

Benefit 2: Login to get double SSR gods

Event time: 7 days before the server starts

Activity content material: Get random SSR gods on the second day of Chuangjiao Will *1, log in on the seventh day to receive the god basic *1, with SSR tools, runes, and help you to confer gods on the battlefield within the early stage

Welfare 3: The seven-day event will ship red generals optional

Event time: 7 days earlier than the server starts

Event content: After creating a character, full the 7-day growth activity, and you will receive Red God General*1 (equivalent to female Wa/Fuxi/Pangu Fragments *150) and ingots and souls *3000

Welfare 4: Half Moon Celebration Red Clothing

Event Time: Open Server 8-14 Day

Activity content: After the corner is created, complete the half-moon celebration, and you will receive red gear optional*1 and search order*50

Benefit 5: First day novice benefit

Event time: the first day of the regional server opening

Event content: first meeting, good gifts! After 18:00 on the primary day of the server, you'll obtain a free novice gift package: Sou Shen Ling*3, Yuanbao*500

Welfare 6: Login and sign-in reward

Time: the primary two days of the server Monthly

Reward introduction: You can obtain our rigorously prepared rewards every day if you log in to the game for the first and second month. Log in to get it, there is no routine, and will in all probability be sent for two months!

Welfare 7: one hundred,000 yuan Bao Da giveaway

Event time: permanent

Reward introduction: log in every single day in addition to receiving the above In addition to the exclusive rewards launched, you might also receive additional ingots and VIP expertise factors. For example: After signing in for seven consecutive days, you possibly can upgrade to vip2 and get a total of 5,500 ingots

Benefit 8: First recruiting 10 get 2 free

Event time: permanent

Reward introduction: recruit god generals through the event, get two free from ten generals for a limited time, and receive two extra god generals

Welfare 9: First Recharge Gift Pack

Reward introduction: Recharge any quantity (including Weekly card, monthly card), you can obtain a gift package of 648 yuan. Watch the battle report every single day, and you can get 100 ingots for 7 days!

Welfare 10: Open the server to receive the reward bundle code and redeem the present.

Event time: After the corner is created, limitless time

Event content: log in to Fengshen War Ji: Nezha Rebirth FB homepage, contact the official staff, get the reward pack code, and receive the corresponding reward

How to use the gift pack code: After coming into the sport, click on on the avatar, click on the Gift Pack Exchange in the decrease right nook, and enter Corresponding reward package code, redeem the corresponding reward, the reward will be despatched by email

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