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2016 annual magic masterpiece - Fantasy of the Stars, original storyline, traditional MMORPG cellular game, tremendous beautiful graphics, the primary flying cell sport with wings. The 5V5 fight system is matched with six major occupations and 6 main formations, permitting you to fully utilize wealthy fight methods; powerful interactive systems such as guilds, marriages, and apprenticeships allow you to easily meet pals from all over the world and make associates all around the server; all types of pets are waiting for you to come and gather them. Wash the marrow, advance, and study abilities to create the strongest pet, and let it accompany you on a fantasy journey.

——Game Features——

【Variety Fashion】

There are greater than 10 kinds of different costumes within the game, which can let you Cosplay anytime, anywhere, and experience the group Different and essentially the most modern and wonderful pleasure

【Cool Wings】

The tremendous cool MMORPG mobile sport with wings can not only act as a very lovely decoration, but additionally can fly freely whatever the terrain. It's just beautiful and practical~

Five occupations

Five different occupations allow you to choose as you want. Dao

Six Formations

Six Formations of Blast, Secret Forest, Skyfire, Mountains, Star Soul, and Ordinary, restrain each other, and compete in battle strategies


Apprenticeship to study art

One day is a trainer, and a lifetime is a teacher! The master will take you to upgrade easily, and there are numerous methods to play similar to mentoring tasks, daily homework, development tasks, and so forth.

【pet development】

Through various strategies similar to washing marrow, superior, studying skills, etc. The system cultivates your favourite pets to the acute. How can the battle for the stars be without it? Hurry up and lead your cute pets to fight in all directions~

【Romantic Rose】

999 roses symbolize me For your love, witness the eternal love, my expensive, let's get married! Marriage in the sport can have a big banquet, entertain pals from all walks of life, and send candy, similar to an actual marriage.

【Easy Trading】

Farewell to the difficult stall system, only one click on Loading, one-click withdrawal, the transaction is very easy, what are you waiting for

We are very happy​​to clear up any issues you encounter within the game, welcome to contact us!

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