Dungeon and Gravestone

Dungeon and Gravestone

By Wonderland Kazkiri inc.

Dungeon and GravestoneDungeon and GravestoneDungeon and GravestoneDungeon and GravestoneDungeon and Gravestone

Over 400,000 downloads! It’s been 5 years since Dungeon of Gravestone release and it’s time for comeback! With new system and all freshened up story, Dungeon and Gravestone in your Android! This is IT! It’s your flip to set up gravestone

Awakened from deep slumber you discovered your self in a metropolis destined to be devoured by Demon King of Death.

There was just one street main outside of it, straight into the dungeon entrance. The gates have been open.

A terrifying place the place blood is steadily sucked out of you and finally you can not escape dying's embrace.

Is it attainable that dungeon modifications form with each dive? Can you challenge the maze with various traps and return safely?

Can the world be saved?

Dive into dungeons, get objects, strengthen your equipment and aim for decrease layers. Collect food, complete quests and even fish for your life! Engage in fierce boss battles! Life in the dungeon sure is dangerous nevertheless it's super enjoyable too!

A mysterious world the place not only dungeons however even cities change their look.

You are the one to resolve the mystery of the dungeon!

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