Dungeon Madness

Dungeon Madness

By Pancik

Dungeon MadnessDungeon MadnessDungeon MadnessDungeon MadnessDungeon Madness

A wizard has hidden in these dungeons. He is plotting to beat the world and the only way how to cease him is to kill him! But do not suppose it is going to be straightforward, many before have tried without luck. (From what else would all those skeletons be made of? Polycarbonate?)

Explore gigantic dungeon to search out new epic items, new equipment, learn highly effective spells and struggle all kinds of different monsters. Are you afraid of dark? Don't worry, because a ghost residing in doors will turn out to be your finest pal. Or not. Who knows?

- Level up your character by gathering expertise, assign level factors to attack/defense/vitality

- Explore 44 different flooring of dungeon

- Find various objects and equipment (sword/shield/head/chest) to enhance your character

- Craft wonderful sets equipment or enchant your items to get even more from them!

- Learn as a lot as 8 spells, unleash your immense power on these zombies!

- Optimized for nearly all screens

- Randomly generated dungeons are a new function, which helps you to play as much as you want!

- WARNING: this game can be hard and might make you offended or annoyed. Don't fear, there is not any permadeath, you will simply respawn initially of the level!

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