Sevens Story

Sevens Story

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Sevens StorySevens StorySevens StorySevens StorySevens StorySevens StorySevens Story

That legendary tactical RPG Sevens Story

The energy of the game, the kindness to the player,

Beautiful visuals and variety Pretending to be a new factor, I'm back!

■ Story

Adventurer boy Alf and Rabbi meet a memory-lost girl, Septim, and are led by the feminine hero Falmea, a phantom beast. Depart for the ruins of sleeping.

It was the start of a great adventure that fledgling people couldn't imagine.

■ Game options

Intuitive operation unique to smartphones, full-scale tactical battles!

Even novices can relaxation assured, and if you get misplaced, let's take the subsequent action with the contact of a button!

Organize your own celebration with various models as friends.

Defeat strong enemies by making full use of individuality, abilities, and tactics!

Customize particular abilities by altering accessories!

As you progress via the story, you can summon a super-powerful phantom beast!

■ Nurturing even though it's an RPG!

You can harvest carrots, Rabbi's favourite food, at Garden!

Eat carrots to energy up your rabbi!

Some carrots can get gems and particular gadgets ...?

■ Compare power in the arena!

Grow your favourite models and compete seriously with other players!

Raise your rank at a party you are pleased with and get your title.

■ Gorgeous voice actors who shade the adventure!

Alf: Marina Inoue Rabbi: Ryoko Shiraishi

Septim: Asaka Imai Falmea: Asami Seto

Misty: Kaori Ishihara Sylvia: Reina Ueda


Welmef: Hisako Kanemoto Jias: Hidenobu Kiuchi

Excella: Natsuko Kuwatani Ron: Yusuke Kobayashi

Riayu: Aya Suzaki Lowell: Shinpachi Tsuji

Noel: Nao Toyama Carvey: Kenji Nomura

Fatia: Sayuri Hara Elwin: Yumi Hara

Christia: Megumi Ban Vericia: Rina Hidaka

Arnias : Yoshimasa Hosoya Linette: Aoi Yuki

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