Find in Mind Brain Training

Find in Mind Brain Training

By Weez Beez

Find in Mind Brain TrainingFind in Mind Brain TrainingFind in Mind Brain TrainingFind in Mind Brain TrainingFind in Mind Brain Training

This mind coaching recreation contains 18 distinctive puzzle set and every set has 2000 progressive ranges. If you like brain video games and enhance your memory and creative expertise we propose you to do this recreation.

If you're a fan of Logic Master sequence of video games, we propose you to do that sport also! Find in Mind provides a wide range of mini video games. Train your brain with addictive video games and improve your mental capacities.

Regardless of your age Find in Mind is designed that will help you attain your full potential.

Test and prepare your mind with 3600 levels of games completely free to play.


- Unique puzzles to follow your cognitive skills

- Exercises for your mind in 9 key areas: Memory, Logic, Concentration, Reaction and Speed

- Performance monitor for accuracy and response time

- Power-ups

- More information on cognitive expertise for the curious ones.

- 18 puzzles with 3600 levels in total

- Simple and consumer friendly graphics

- Play both on-line or offline. no need to connect web of Wifi.

- Statistics to point out your progress

- Relaxing and a focus bettering background music and sound effects

Find in Mind is a collection of the puzzle video games all about improving your cognitive expertise. Use this app every day for higher results.

Brain games assist to coach your working memory, which ensures faster learning and an improvement in neural connectivity.

How to play

Each stage checks your cognitive expertise and psychological abilities. You can track your progress after every stage. Depending no your performance you can obtain stars from 1 to 5. Completing every level with no less than 3 stars will provide one golden coin.

There are three kinds of energy ups so that you just can get. Coins might be spent on power-ups which might help you full a degree you wrestle.

✓ Time shield

✓ Extra Time

✓ Score Multiplier

Find in Mind recreation is predicated on rules of cognitive psychology and designed to assist you to apply your mental abilities. Cognitive skills on this game:

- Quantitative reasoning

- Cognitive shifting

- Cognitive inhibition

- Sustained attention

- Visual perception

- Working memory

- Visual short time period memory

- Visual scanning

- Selective attention

Find in Mind is a personal mind coach recreation to maintain your mind sharp. Play this sport for:

✓ Improve your memory

✓ Improve your reaction time

✓ Increase your accuracy

✓ Scan shapes quickly

✓ Focus your attention

✓ Solve logic problems

✓ Challenge yourself

✓ Increase your concentration

Mini games listing:

- Unique: You need to find the unique object.

- Recall: You have to recollect the right order.

- Peekaboo: Follow the pattern when the items are gone.

- Newbie: Tap the final appearing item.

- Alike: Pay consideration to the arrow direction.

- Central: Pay attention to the arrow at the center.

- Reverse: For pink arrow, swipe your finger in the identical direction

- Rows: Count the words and tap the proper numbers.

- Hi Lo: Compare the current quantity with the earlier one

- Prior: Tap the same form as earlier screen

- Rising: Follow the order when numbers are gone

- Flow: Follow ascending order for red box

- Leader: Follow the order of the lightning buttons

- Twin: Find matching pairs

- Most: Tap the item which appears most.

- Contrast: Meaning should match its color

- Match: Match all pairs.

- Follower: Follow the reverse order

This is a beneficial recreation for individuals who don't focus things for a long time. Check your efficiency chart every day. Improve your capability to resolve puzzle extra correct and sooner than ever.

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