By Birdshel


StoneFlips is just like a lights out puzzle sport, the place you attempt to get all the stones to be the same colour.

Test your puzzle fixing abilities; arising with new methods and remembering patterns are key in this recreation. It will certainly take a look at your reminiscence and skill with 200 levels on 4 totally different modes of play. Do you may have what it takes to pass and grasp each level?


- 200 levels.

- 36 achievements.

- 3 board sizes: 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6.

- 4 completely different stone flip patterns: Plus, X, Diagonal, and Square.

- Create random puzzles utilizing the three board sizes and the 4 flip patterns.

- Play in both portrait or landscape

- Ability to Undo moves.

- Landscape mode for tablets.

- Vibration suggestions.

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