NOX - Mystery Adventure Escape

NOX - Mystery Adventure Escape

By Everbyte

NOX - Mystery Adventure EscapeNOX - Mystery Adventure EscapeNOX - Mystery Adventure EscapeNOX - Mystery Adventure EscapeNOX - Mystery Adventure Escape

Search, Find, Escape! Mysterious, difficult and filled with surprises!

NOX takes you to an previous, thriller manor filled with puzzles secrets and techniques waiting to be revealed by you. Accompanied by a charming story, you search examine mysterious rooms to find their hidden objects and mechanisms. Whether it is your first escape sport adventure or you’re a seasoned detective, this game will problem your investigation skills!

SOLVE PUZZLES MINI GAMES: Modern point click escape adventure experience mixed with the most effective mechanics of hidden object and investigation video games.

STORY: An unpredictable storyline that unleash your inner detective. Do you may have the smarts to unravel the case around this mystery manor and escape?

⭐️ GRAPHICS: Beautiful unique graphics. Search hidden objects in 3D.

❤️ COMPLETELY FREE: Made with love and completely free from start to finish!

You can’t escape the feeling that there's darkish hidden secret revolving across the mansion? You’re greater than right, detective! But issues won’t keep this simple Keep a cool head - every room hides way more secrets and techniques than you can inform at first glance!

Download the Escape Adventure now and learn the way all of the hidden objects in the rooms came into existence in the first place… A legal case? A homicide mystery? Collect all hidden Remembrall’s and dive into the dark and mysterious story to resolve the case. Don’t let a single detail escape your keen detective eyes!

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The basics of the game precept come from the journey genre. The objective of the game is to go away the place where you are trapped. This activity requires skill, endurance, and logical considering from the player. This place is often a room that has no less than one locked door and holds some objects and hints.

If you faucet your finger on an object, you study it, just like a classic point and click journey. Watch out! It may be worthwhile taking a detailed take a look at objects and having looking from all sides...

Sometimes a number of objects can even be combined to obtain new objects or hints. Occasionally, the which means of an merchandise becomes apparent to you at a later time. That's why you should often check your inventory to be positive to are aware of the gadgets you carry with you. If you interpret the clues appropriately, you'll have the ability to solve the puzzles with the assistance of the objects and escape.


The combination of traditional level and click journey, hidden objects and trendy room escape mechanics deliver a breath of fresh air to the genre. Many detective video games followers will really feel home and discover plenty of challenging puzzles to resolve.

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