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Wonderlines FreeWonderlines FreeWonderlines FreeWonderlines FreeWonderlines Free

Once, throughout an expedition to South America, a well-known archaeologist found some strange hieroglyphic looks-like luxor writings. They described rules of the sacred recreation with the talismans, jewels, heroes, treasures, diamonds and jems, which was the main challenge for anyone who desired to turn out to be the High Priest. When he returned to Europe he gave the writings to greatest online game developers, and now you can also play this ancient and mysterious puzzle sprint game!

The primary precept of the game practically stayed the same, like zuma, only as an alternative of simply matching several stones or parts of a single shade in a line, you want to match balls to destroy them over a variety brown tiles. Let's matchem!

There are three game modes in this magic kingdom: action, puzzle and Zen. The sport additionally has plenty of completely different power-up like crystals, bombs, dynamites, monsters and wildcards that may help on troublesome levels.


- Fun and relaxing match 3 gameplay

- Superb backgrounds

- Three recreation modes: puzzle, action, and Zen

- 70 levels and 6 power-ups

- Gentle calming music

This recreation can be challenging or enjoyable means for your thoughts in accordance with game which mode which you'll select! Who knows, perhaps sometime you’ll become a High Priest.

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