Rube Goldberg Shoot - Puzzle

Rube Goldberg Shoot - Puzzle

By Maeken Games

Rube Goldberg Shoot - PuzzleRube Goldberg Shoot - PuzzleRube Goldberg Shoot - PuzzleRube Goldberg Shoot - PuzzleRube Goldberg Shoot - Puzzle

Guide the ball into the objective and shoot, a physics puzzle game.

Think long and hard, attempt repeatedly to clear all the stages!

◯ Game Description

It's a physics puzzle recreation where you place components from the bag on the stage and shoot the ball into the aim.

The various gimmicks add as much as make it slightly more sophisticated and brain teaser!

There's a special feeling of accomplishment whenever you full a tough stage.

There's multiple proper method to shoot at the goal! The right solutions are infinite!

Lots of ball skins, too!

You don't must be connected to a network to play!

◯ How to play

① Place the parts from the bag on the stage (some components may be rotated).

② Playback button to move it!

③ Can you shoot at the goal?

④ If you fail, stop and reposition the parts!

◯ How to play (Stage edit)

① Let's place the Parts in edit mode!

② In edit mode, the ball and the aim will be positioned.

③ Let's put the positioned Parts into the bag or select them with the button. (You can switch elements by tapping the bag button)

④ You can save the stage should you press the play button and shoot at the goal!

⑤ Let's play on the precise stage you built!

◯ Characteristics

・A easy physics puzzle sport that can be played in your spare time

・You don't need to be related to the community to play offline video games.

・I can clear the levels by thinking fastidiously and by trial and error.

◯ Recommend it to such individuals.

・People who like puzzle video games.

・People on the lookout for mind coaching apps.

・People who just like the Pittagora device

・People who're on the lookout for video games to suppose carefully.

・Parents in search of academic apps

・Looking for a simple recreation to cross the time

・People who want to play fully free.

◯ Price

Completely free

※ There is no charge for this service.

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