Caveman HD ( Lemmings way )

Caveman HD ( Lemmings way )

By SameBits

Caveman HD ( Lemmings way )Caveman HD ( Lemmings way )Caveman HD ( Lemmings way )Caveman HD ( Lemmings way )Caveman HD ( Lemmings way )

LETS GO! ... OH NO! (or.. YIPEE!)

Just like the original classic Lemmings game, cavemen enter the extent through an open hatch and walk aimlessly to their demise or round in circles following the path outlined - specific abilities may be assigned to Cavemen to create a model new path and assist guide the others to the designated exit. The following skill sets are available:

- CLIMBER: scale those walls

- FLOATER: float all the means down to safety

- EXPLODER: pop!

- BLOCKER: block the trail

- BUILDER: construct a bridge

- BASHER: bash a horizontal path

- MINER: mine a diagonal path

- DIGGER: dig a vertical path

Each level has a set of requirements to complete where a combination of skillsets might must be used to solve the extent - there is a couple of solution obtainable; how many cavemen can you save! With 4 problem ranges (easy, medium, obscure, insane) and 120 levels hidden bonus ranges - this recreation is guaranteed to convey you hours of enjoyment and gaming addiction!

:: SOLUTIONS We has labored very hard to guarantee that all ranges are solvable; a complete set of answer guides for every stage are available on the Mobile 1UP web site (high definition video and detailed stroll throughts) - of course the problem is with the flexibility to solve them in your own!

:: TIMEWARP A special unlock feature has been supplied the place unlocked levels can be accessed through a particular code; along with revealing particular secrets and techniques of the game engine (easter eggs) - a whole listing of the relevant unlock codes are available on the Mobile 1UP website. Some codes change each day - so remember to visit often to find all the goodies that are available!

:: CREDITS Caveman is a game impressed by the traditional sport developed and released for Amiga, DOS, et al in 1991. The venture started as a port of the sport, but because of mental property considerations the game was given a new set of graphics, audio and a few customized ranges to convey the sport style up to the requirements expected by gamers on this period. The recreation was developed by Aaron Ardiri, the graphics provided by Tomas Miller, and the sounds had been offered by Michael McGee.

Android port is made by SameBits

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