Doors: Awakening

Doors: Awakening

By Snapbreak

Doors: AwakeningDoors: AwakeningDoors: AwakeningDoors: AwakeningDoors: Awakening

Upon waking up from an accident, you see a portal with the shadow of a little boy staring at you. You chase the boy by way of a string of portals, as he leaves a letter at every door you cross through. The letters reveal a mysterious story and a tough selection for you to make in the two various endings of the game!


Enjoy tons of unique puzzles and riddles on this nicely thought-out escape game!


Explore stunning hand-made levels with animations, immersive atmosphere, and a singular art type.


Best enjoyed with sound! Custom soundtrack and specifically chosen ambient sounds will complement each other for an immersive experience.


Play at no cost with the option to purchase additional ranges and experience the entire story that will leave you impressed.

If you like puzzle games, you'll not need to miss this unique experience!

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