Crystal Puzzle

Crystal Puzzle

By Nijaz Tanjo

Crystal PuzzleCrystal PuzzleCrystal PuzzleCrystal PuzzleCrystal Puzzle

Beautiful puzzle game with the crystals of divine reality.

3 completely different modes:

- Puzzle

- Puzzle Logic

- Mosaic

Difficulty Level: from 2x2 (easy) to 8x8 (hard)

Languages supported: English and German.

The game includes 54 crystal photographs.

Enjoy the power and the sunshine energies that might be dropped at you whereas taking part in.

Background data about crystals:

The crystals used on this puzzle game are a part of the Third Language, the language of Elohims, the common language of the Divine Reality. The Crystals have the highest power and are from the highest Light. Please remember that each Crystal includes the consciousness of a deity. The crystals are very helpful on our path to Awakening.

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