Card Hog - Dungeon Crawler

Card Hog - Dungeon Crawler

By SnoutUp Games

Card Hog - Dungeon CrawlerCard Hog - Dungeon CrawlerCard Hog - Dungeon CrawlerCard Hog - Dungeon CrawlerCard Hog - Dungeon Crawler

Hop on this turn-based dungeon crawler with multiple charming characters, armies of humorous enemies, boss battles, and over 100 playing cards to discover!

Crawl around infinite dungeons, gather loot, and fight turn-based battles against dozens of distinctive enemies. Utilize deck constructing to alter the game flow and improve your chances of survival with permanent upgrades. Playable offline!

* Fight in epic turn-based card battles

* Choose your play fashion with distinctive pig heroes

* Laugh at funny card interactions

* Use permanent upgrades to progress

Enjoy turn-based gameplay of Card Hog and battle various enemies (slimes, knights, zombies, aliens, and vampires), collect cards and loot. Master varied weapons and magic skills to slay bosses that stand in your path. Unlock hilarious achievements, utterly challenges, and improve your pig hero. Die and repeat the run again in a roguelite fashion!

Every run is unique and every hog needs a special technique to master. Learn to use enemies against one another and you will journey further!

Card Hog is a dungeon crawler that merges numerous roguelike, deckbuilding, and RPG parts into a enjoyable turn-based sport. If you like bacon, enjoy card battles, deckbuilding and wish an offline sport - this one is for you!

Made by SnoutUp, creator of bacon flavored offline games like Iron Snout, Bacon May Die and Cave Blast.

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