Mobile electrician

Mobile electrician

By Anatoliy Tarasenko

Mobile electricianMobile electricianMobile electricianMobile electricianMobile electrician

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The app contains:

Ohm's regulation for DC

Ohm's legislation for AC

LC Resonance

Y-Δ Transformation

Electrical Energy

Current Density

Ideal transformer

AC circuits

Connection of capacitors

Capacitive reactance

Run a 3 section motor on a single phase

Capacitive Voltage Divider

Capacitor Charge / Energy Calculator

Calculation of discharge time of capacitors

Connection of resistors

Voltage divider

LED Resistor

Decode the colour bands resistors

Encode the color bands resistors

Wheatstone Bridge Calculator

Decode alphanumeric value

Encode alphanumeric value

Conductor Resistance

Conductor length

Conductor size

Voltage drop

Electrical resistivity and conductivity

Maximum length of conductor

Calculate Amps

Calculate Power

Calculate kVA (3 Phase)

Calculate Power Factor(3 Phase)

Calculate efficiency

Calculate of the motor slip

Calculate motor torque

Individual compensation three-phase induction motors

Calculate motor energy for centrifugal pump

Calculate motor energy for piston compressor

Calculate motor energy for the fan

Three-Phase Motor Voltage Unbalance

Three-Phase Motor Current Unbalance

Allowable ampacities for wire (NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)

Wire Size Calculator(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)

Motor protection(PUE)

Maximum circuit conductor length(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)

Maximum circuit ampacity(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)

Conduit Fill Calculator(NEC)

Minimum levels of short-circuit current

Short-circuit current on the secondary terminals of a MV/LV distribution transformer

Calculate fuse

Power of heating element

Heating Element use Nichrome

Leakage current

Calculation sizing a generator in your home

IP Code

Appliance classes

Force of an Electromagnet

Electricity Cost Calculator

Calculation of electrical loads making use of demand factor

UPS Battery measurement calculator

UPS Battery runtime calculator

Generator quick circuit fault current

Conversion Wire sizes

Conversion VA-W-VAr and calculate Reactive Power Compensation

Conversion cos(φ)-sin(φ)-tg(φ)

AWG Conversions

Conversion of units of temperature

Conversion distance

Conversion models of pressure

Conversion items of flow

Conversion items of volume

Conversion voltage

Conversion models of energy

Conversion SI prefixes

Conversion Weight

Time Units Conversion

Power Units Conversion

Calculate quantity cables that fits in a pipe

Cable Reel Capacity

Length of cable on a reel

Inductive reactance cable

Calculate the burden of the metallic within the cable

Cable weight by formulas

Wiring Color Codes

Length of a Hanging Cable

Power losses in cable

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