ISO-5167 Flowrate Calculations

ISO-5167 Flowrate Calculations

By Igor V. Brovin

ISO-5167 Flowrate CalculationsISO-5167 Flowrate CalculationsISO-5167 Flowrate CalculationsISO-5167 Flowrate CalculationsISO-5167 Flowrate Calculations

ISO-5167 Flow Rate Calculations is a cellular application for Android, supposed for each consultants in the field of automation and metrology, and students of technical specialties. It implements methods for calculating the circulate price of liquids, vapors and gases by measuring the differential strain on main devices because the substances move by way of them.

These strategies are regulated by the ISO-5167 commonplace and think about the following major units:

- Orifice Plates

- ISA 1932 Nozzles

- Long Radius Nozzles

- Venturi Nozzles

The program settle for some input parameters related to both the design of the primary gadget and the physical properties of the measured substance. Many water and vapor properties, corresponding to density, viscosity, adiabatic index and so on are calculated routinely depending on the stress and temperature of the measured substance.

The program consists of three main screens:

- The first display screen is for choosing the kind of the primary gadget and the substance to be measured.

- The second display screen is the main. It opens with pre-set data of a legitimate example. Here the consumer of the program can change any parameters of the first gadget and the physical properties of the measured substance. Any changes in input information end in immediate recalculation or differential strain on the gadget with unchanged move fee or a change in flow with a relentless differential strain. It is determined by the course of calculation.

The main calculations, nevertheless are the calculations of the circulate at a given differential stress or a derivation of a differential stress at a given move rate.

This screen additionally has a menu, the place you can save the current calculation, open an inventory of saved calculations, rename and delete some.

An initial right calculation example can't be deleted and might solely be saved beneath a unique title.

If an error happens when getting into the system or substance properties, the program will notify with the pop-up window. The explanation for the error can be seen within the report, within the third screen.

- The third display screen is designed to offer a calculation order, displaying intermediate values, to indicate an iterative process, and output attainable error messages.

This software program uses the open-source IF97 water/steam properties library by Hummeling Engineering BV (

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