YourSlice - Smart App Blocker

YourSlice - Smart App Blocker

By Mindefy Labs

YourSlice - Smart App BlockerYourSlice - Smart App BlockerYourSlice - Smart App BlockerYourSlice - Smart App BlockerYourSlice - Smart App Blocker

✔️ Uniquely Conceptualized Designed App to Help you Focus and Increase your Productivity.

✔️ Plan Split your Daily Phone Usage by Creating Your Time Slices and Use Apps solely during Assigned Intervals.

YourSlice is a brilliant digital solution to assist you keep targeted and enhance productiveness. This distinctive concept permits you to create Timeslices for particular group of apps for use within the outlined time interval and blocks their usage for the the rest of the day.

These distinctive features of the app might help you problem your self against digital distraction:

The Timeslice: Slice Your Day!

Timeslices are segments of your day that you set aside for usage of a bunch of apps. To break phone habit, YourSlice helps you allocate a set period of time from your complete day to some apps. These apps can be utilized only within that Timeslice and are blocked for the rest of the day.

YourSlice is not just an app blocker however a distraction blocker that helps you scale back cellphone usage by confining your utilization of the apps that you are hooked on essentially the most. You can create slices for social media apps, utility apps, games, reading apps, music apps, etc. The Timeslices are fully customizable letting you choose the Start Time, End Time, Name, Color its Frequency (Daily, Weekly, etc) and Group of Apps for each Slice.

The Slice Clock: Your Slice Schedule!

The dashboard of YourSlice consists of a Slice Clock that helps you know which slices are due at which hour in your day. Each Slice is represented by its chosen color on the Clock.

Daily Timeslice List: What, When, Where?

A listing of all the slices you create for your day are showcased on the dashboard for simple entry. You can edit any slice anytime as per your comfort.

Lock Your Timeslice!

Locking a Timeslice will fixate all the choices for that slice. You can't remove the apps from that timeslice but can add new ones. Thus, helping you enhance self control.

Remind Me!

This is a feature you could choose to opt-in. YourSlice additionally reminds you when a timeslice is going to start out so that you do not miss on a slice.

Go Premium!

With the premium model, you can add unlimited slices, with limitless apps in each. You may even customize the number of days on your slices to activate. Also, the app becomes advert free with lifetime validity.

With some more brilliant features YourSlice could be your helpful solution to prepare your cellphone usage, enhance focus, take away pointless distraction and total Social Media Detox.

Each Day we're striving onerous to make everybody reside A Healthy Digital Life!

Stay Organized, Stay Focused!

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