TimeTree - Shared Calendar

TimeTree - Shared Calendar

By TimeTree, Inc.

TimeTree - Shared CalendarTimeTree - Shared CalendarTimeTree - Shared CalendarTimeTree - Shared CalendarTimeTree - Shared Calendar

◆ Winner of Apple’s “App Store Best of 2015” award!

Sharing allows everybody to view the same calendar and add new events. TimeTree retains you all in order with who’s doing what and when.

You also can create multiple shared calendars in TimeTree! Whether it might be amongst family, pals, couples, and coworkers, or simply for private use, our app is customized to meet various conditions for both social and private existence.

■ Key Features

○ Shared calendar and scheduling

​​・Invite new members by way of E-mail, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and extra.

・Create and edit occasions for all members.

・Set a special shade for every member or exercise.

・Chat and add photos as if you have been using a messenger app for each event.

・Deliver reminders to everyone within the group.

・You can sync your calendar with different calendars (Google Calendar, Outlook etc) .

○ Shared Notes and Lists

It comes with a memo feature that can be shared with other customers that could be helpful in planning events, organizing to-do lists, and creating small notes.

○ Multiple calendars for family, friends, personal, work, and extra

TimeTree permits customers to create a number of calendars. You can hold individual calendars separate to keep your privacy.

○ Works on PC Mobile

Use TimeTree out of your desktop by logging into the net version.

○ Widgets

TimeTree widgets in your home display screen let you verify and edit your schedule with ease.

Who is TimeTree for?

○Friends and Couples

Time Tree is a good way to see everyone’s availability.

・All members enter their schedule in one place

・Let all members know which days you're available

○School Life

TimeTree can be great for keeping up with your college life! Organize your class schedule and keep monitor of what is due next!

・Productive time administration and day planning instruments to create daily schedules for students!

・Plan forward knowing what after-school activities you've in the afternoon.

○ Family

TimeTree is great for planning family-oriented occasions.

・Organize plans on choosing up youngsters from daycare and college.

・Perfect for making a shopping list from every day groceries to household BBQs!

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