S3 RPN Calculator with Voice

S3 RPN Calculator with Voice

By Segitiga.Pro

S3 RPN Calculator with VoiceS3 RPN Calculator with VoiceS3 RPN Calculator with VoiceS3 RPN Calculator with VoiceS3 RPN Calculator with Voice

RPN Calculator does not need to be sophisticated, boring, or outdated. So we've created an RPN calculator app that's quite the alternative of those presumptions. And it is free.

S3 RPN with Voice supplies solely fundamental functionalities of a calculator, however we now have added a few nice features like under. (If you aren't conversant in RPN, please learn the notice close to the tip of this product description).

Date and Time Calculation

Not so many calculators have these functionalities. Calculate the distinction between two dates. Find a future or past date. Calculate the distinction between two times. Find a future or past time. Say it's now 4:26am. What time is 2 hours 50 minutes from now?

Single-Access Key

Now you don't want to use a shift key to entry the yellow features. The Single-Access Key feature enables you to activate the yellow functions shortly and conveniently.

Integrated Cheatsheet

You do not have to memorize anything. Each of the functions on the calculator has a cheatsheet containing brief description of how the perform works, and a quantity of examples.


Are you drained of the look of present calculator? Inside the calculator there is a collection of paintings by Claude Monet you could set because the calculator’s background.

Voice Recognition

Instead of tapping the display to enter numbers and activate capabilities, now you can communicate the keystrokes into the microphone, something like “nine sq. root”. And S3 RPN will respond by saying on the speaker: “nine sq. root”, “three”!


You can undo the steps all the greatest way to the start of a calculator session.

Note on RPN

Kindly observe it is a calculator that works based mostly on the RPN logic. In RPN there is not any equal sign, and parenthesis are not needed. Although all of the keys and features in the calculator has a cheatsheet, if you're not conversant in RPN you may wish to search some tutorial on RPN to higher understand how it works.

For instance, in RPN to calculate 2 5 you use the keystrokes 2 [ENTER] 5 [ ]. So whenever you tap 2 5 however do not see 7 on the display, please do not write a typical one-star review saying “wrong answer” or “it doesn’t work”.

Note on Voice Recognition

Please do not communicate long commands. Instead of talking two enter 5 multiply 9 divide in a single go, break it up into a number of steps like so.

two enter

five multiply

nine divide

In each of the above steps, await the calculator to repeat what it has heard and/or speak out the end result, earlier than proceeding to the next step.

Speech data is processed by Google servers for online recognition and locally for offline recognition. Online recognition can recognize spoken words more accurately nevertheless it requires web connection.

Accuracy of voice recognition is dependent upon many components that are past the attain of the app. If the voice recognition function fails you, please contemplate this earlier than writing a evaluation and complain. At any rate, contact us at [email protected] if you need some help, or if you want to give some suggestions which could be very a lot appreciated.


If you utilize the voice recognition characteristic of the app, the enable to document audio permission is required so you presumably can communicate the instructions into the microphone. For online recognition, the app makes use of Google servers to course of voice information. Other than for this function, S3 RPN doesn't gather, store, or transmit data that pertains to its users.

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