InitLive - Staff Volunteer Management App

InitLive - Staff Volunteer Management App

By InitLive Inc.

InitLive - Staff Volunteer Management AppInitLive - Staff Volunteer Management AppInitLive - Staff Volunteer Management AppInitLive - Staff Volunteer Management AppInitLive - Staff Volunteer Management App

One App For Volunteers, Staff and Managers

Built to empower volunteers while giving managers access to everything you should execute a flawless volunteer program, initiative, or event via a centralized mobile app. InitLive’s mobile app ensures all volunteers and managers are saved within the loop with two-communication capabilities, push notifications, and mobile scheduling.

The app works in tandem with the InitLive net app to regulate staff/volunteer schedules automatically as challenges or conflicts come up and talk those changes to the appropriate individuals on the applicable time.

Volunteer/Staff App

The InitLive app empowers volunteers and staff with every thing they should thrive at their fingertips. From communication tools and scheduling to cellular check-in and entry to paperwork, volunteers are geared up with everything they want to get the job done.

Key Features

- Mobile shift and alternatives sign-up

- Access to non-public shift schedule and hours worked

- View opportunities, roles, and shift details

- Mobile Self-Check-In

- Mobile access to paperwork, including maps and training materials

- Easy entry to managers contact information

- Two-way communication

- Automated notifications, shift updates reminders

Management App

Manage a volunteer staff from wherever with the InitLive administration app. Gain entry to the grasp schedule, real-time attendance standing, and talk with any volunteer directly from your phone, allowing you to rise to any problem that comes your means.

Key Features

-Quick access to your entire staff/volunteer listing contact information

- Access and replace your master schedule from wherever

- Check-in volunteer from your phone and observe attendance charges

- View the shifts which are under-staffed and quickly reallocate resources

- Contact individuals by way of two-way communications

- Send broadcast communication to replace everyone

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